Walk of Fame cultural exhibitions are located over specially appointed pedestrian routes, attract ever increasing tourist visits develop their own identity as an iconic landmark adding value and revenue to the local community​.

The Walk of Fame cultural attractions established in 1999 have been created specifically for the UK to celebrate individuals past or present from across the historic, creative and sporting spectrum closely associated with the hosting, city, town or theme.


The UK Walk of Fame cultural exhibitions was the brainchild of Brighton born international composer & producer David Courtney who realised his ambition to establish a lasting tribute to a unique and very special city that he is proud to call home. David first had the idea to transplant a very American institution to the seaside town of Brighton & Hove in 1980 when he was living and working in Los Angeles riding high on the success of his song writing partnership with ‘70s singing and television star Leo Sayer. Together they had penned a string of international hits and their success had taken them to California to live and work. It would be over 20 years before this moment of inspiration was translated into one of Brighton’s most exciting and glamorous attraction and became the flagship for the UK Walk of Fame cultural exhibitions.