Walk of Fame Media Limited (WOFM) is the media and commercial operating business of Walk of Fame Ltd. WOFM was co-founded by David Courtney (CEO) Bryan Hoare,(Co-Director Director) and Nicholas Taylor

WOFM is responsible for creating and managing many of Walk of Fame's projects across the UK as well as establishing new products and experiences linked to the Walk of Fame brand. Bryan Hoare, Director and a Shareholder in Walk of Fame Media Ltd, has a professional background in entrepreneurship and commercialisation of projects. Working in partnership, David & Bryan are the driving force behind a variety of new creative ideas to enhance the Walk of Fame concept across a range of markets including sport, music, culture, the arts, media and business. Combining traditional elements of the Walk of Fame concept with digital technology, Walk of Fame Media are working on numerous projects that will bring the Walk of Fame experience to new levels of interaction and engagement.